Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bad influence Beauty Bloggers

I wasn't planning on doing a post today due to being slightly hungover and full of greasy food and mini eggs!!!
But after spending the day laying on the sofa reading every beauty blog i possibly could (you know when u fit from link to link?)
I am feeling inspired to (lazily,sorry) share a list of new found wants...

I have actually wanted this for a while..i have a box full of magazine cut outs with tips and cute pics called 'Fordys fab box' (sad but true) and this foundation is in it.Thanks to this blog post by the fabulous Charlotte,this foundation is back on the list.....
So is this one...
Nars sheer glow
Again thanks to Charlotte @ charlottes obsession's foundation search post I have yet another foundation to add onto my very long list of wants!! I must do a post on all my foundations I've actually lost count of them but it's my fave make-up item ever its not my fault really!

Urban decay Alice in wonderland book of shadows
I've been desperate for this for a while,but seeing Charlotte @ lipglossing's breathtakingly stunning pictures of the Alice palette,the lust has been well and truly rekindled!!
If anyone knows where i can get this from without forking out nearly £100 on ebay I would be massively grateful!! x

The Charlotte's are officially bad for my bank balance
(great for my face though so meh!)

OPI Pirates of the carribean polishes
I'm not massively into nails as i don't have any of my own and normally wear falsies, but i'm a big sucker for cute product names! ( I would lovea job naming products) I saw these on The beauty scoop last week,and rather fancy 'sparrow me the drama'. 

Topshop eye crayons
The swatches and description provided by Georgina at make-up wishes were enough to convince me that I need to add these to my eye crayon collection ASAP!

And the BIGGEST bad influence award goes to...

Obviously It's nigh on impossible to peruse the internet without a spot of ASOS'ing......

Two faced 'lash gasm' Mascara


I'm really loving these especially the fact that there are 9 shades,each of which has a man's name and a l'il man in it's lid CUTE AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm rather fond of James and Kirk,and wondering if they might be named after the guy's from Metallica!? 
There is also one named Timothy,which is my Dad's name so i might get it my Mum for Mothers day.

Ok I'm gonna stop now,I dont want to appear too greedy!



  1. Aww thank you for the mention hunny! Sorry I am a bad influence on your spending, I love both those foundations and bought a second bottle of sheer glow yesterday x

  2. your welcome hun,
    you have made my hungover Saturday afternoon with your blog!! I showed my boyfriend your post on how un organised your make-up was, he was like "bloody hell looks just like yours!" hehe!
    I need sheer glow like now! I also want Chanel's pro lumiere! And u have made me want to find out my estee lauder double wear, i also traded it in for face and body's more dewy finish...hmm...i want them all!!! ha xxx

  3. Stopping by your blog, I too would love to add those eye crayons to my beauty collection :) Enjoyed your hungover/lazy post :P

  4. Thanks alot hun...yeah they look gorgeous dont they?? :D I'm so into eye crayons at the moment...that's the lazyness in me again "/ hehe xxx

  5. I really want the Book of Shadows too :) Really enjoyed you mildy hungover/lazy post - i feel the same so may have to steal your idea if you don't mind!! :D

    I'm your newest follower by the way, just been reading through some of your posts, awesome blog!

    Jo xoxo

    My little blog...

  6. It's just so so pretty and the shadows are beaut!! I want it open on my dresser as an ornament!
    Thanks hun :) of course i dont mind go for it i will enjoy reading when i get back from boots and sunday dinner this afternoon ;D sundays r the best!
    Love Nat xxx

  7. Hey sweets, sorry it's taken a while for me to get back to you, didn't realise you lived in Derbyshire, where abouts do you live?

    Lots of lovely things in this post, I love the look of the nail polishes, I'm terrible at looking a other blogs and then buying whatever beauty product they recommending! xxx

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