Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bridal make-up tips and tricks *mini post*

Hey lovelies...
If you are lucky enough to be getting hitched soon then keep reading...
I just thought i would share with you some quick tips about bridal make-up, the do's and more importantly the dont's!!!

Before the big day do's

  • Try to get a consultation with a few make-up artists before the big day,some artists charge an extra fee for this,some might do it for free.
  • If you are hiring a make-up artist take along images of looks that you would like on the day,she should look through them and come up with a style tailored to suit you personally based on these images.
  • Also take your own make-up bag with you so that the artist can get an idea of what your everyday make-up style is.
  • If you and your make-up artist have different ideas (this does sometimes happen!) suggest to her/him that they do half a face your way half a face theirs have them explain their ideas to you,a decent MUA will listen, and a really good artist will more than likely suggest this to you first.

Before the big day Donts

  • Remember that you will be pulling your wedding day photo's out time and time again for many years to come.Unless you have a themed wedding,it is a good idea not to go for any kind of fashion trend as a wedding make-up look as it will become dated,try and keep the look as close to how you look day to day with a little more structure on lips (lipliner,deeper shades),cheeks and eyes (lashes,liner).The look should be timeless.
  • Don't be dominated by your make-up artist,a good artist will listen and offer advice,not push her own tastes and style onto you.
  • Don't forget that when choosing your MUA,a reccomendation from someone you trust (and whose wedding pics look beautiful!!) is a fantastic way to pick your MUA.
  • Don't go for a dewy base unless you are prepared to touch it up alot! As much as dewy looks beautiful it will move throughout the day,think of sun,bright lights,hot reception :/ but again it's up to you and if you are prepared to keep touching up then i say go for it ( i actually think i would want a dewy base!!)

Example of a timeless bridal make-up...

And a not so timeless one...
hmmm...what do you say to this??
I hope I have helped a few brides to be with this post,let me know how you all get on and keep in touch I love reading your emails and will always find time to answer back.

Loves<3 xxx


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