Sunday, 20 February 2011

Chanel + Advantage card Haul= Girlgasm!!

I heart posh shopping bags

Evening all,

Anyone who follows my Tweets will know that I have been busy hauling my ass off today (not literally off though,sadly)
Anyway I planned to take myself off to Boots to spend the £9.10 that was on my Advantage card,because that was the only way I was going to get a Make-up fix unless Boots had started accepting buttons for payment since the last time I visited !!

Before leaving I checked my Bank balance online and found that the *magic make-up money fairy had left me £40!!!!
I literally Couldn't get to Boots fast enough,even though my legs are 26" long I would have given Paula Radcliffe a run for her money,I mean *magic money doesn't happen every day!!!

I knew that I wanted to get one of the high end brand foundations from my wishlist, So I swatched all three Lancome Teint miracle (beautiful!)
YSL Teint resist (a bit more beautiful!)
and CHANEL Pro lumiere (on par with YSL)

The only reason I purchased Chanel over YSL was because the girl on the Chanel counter(Helen) was so lovely and helpful,also she clearly knew what she was on about and more importantly how to apply make-up on herself.

So when she asked me If she could apply a full face I was more than happy to sit there and be pampered for five minutes!!

Result: Very impressed, good coverage and a beautiful radiant finish!
I will probably do a full review once I have applied it myself and used it a few times.

I now have Chanel addiction though which is bad.
Has anyone swatched (or got!) the limited edition spring '11 palette? I swatched,and sort of wished I hadn't, It's.stunning!!!!!!
 I really hope they have some left next week on payday! <<beginning of addiction documented for when i get sectioned!

Unwrapping eeeeeek!
Who said Christmas only comes once a year??!!
I also left with a couple of samples which I asked for 'chance' eau de parfum which i've had before a few years back and loved! And Hydra max + active moisturiser which to be honest i'm hoping I wont like otherwise it's going to be another penniless month :/

* I am (sort of) aware that there is no such thing as magic money or the money fairy.

Advantage card haul

After the Chanel 'experience' I had gained another £1.30 or so to my Advantage points,so headed over to the Barry M stand,where I picked up 3 polishes Red Glitter,Dusky Mauve and Black. I haven't had chance to paint my nails but the swatches are magical!! I dont think I have ever owned or loved a nail varnish like Dusky me its perfection!!! It has even inspired me to do a NOTD this week :)
L-R Red glitter (150) Dusky Mauve (313) and Black (47)

I also got the coveted Umberto Giannini 'backcomb in a bottle' (3 for £10 on UG products) even though there have been mixed reviews,this makes me want to try it even more and do a post on it.

Then with the couple of quid that was left,pretty packaging in the form of 'softlips' french vanilla lip balm (just tested,yum) was spotted and right near that a 'naked' hair mask cointaining argan oil(?)and meadowfoam(?) 
Is it just me who thinks these ingredients are made up or is everyone secretly bathing in meadowfoam while washing their hair in argan oil??? anyway for £1...the mask swallowed my adv.points,mission accomplished!!

*shameful shopping fact* There was a big clearance section full of Ruby and Millie and Urban decay which i got so over excited about that I pulled most of the shelf down and fell down with it!! Sadly I had no pennies left and the boyfriend is in the middle of 'teaching me how to be frugal' so wouldn't stump up for any bargains (or the Chanel Palette,Or this amazing new top in Primark!!! Seriously go in the stuff is to die for atm)

Ramble over.
Love Nat xxx

Please comment it makes my day!
(especially if you know what meadowfoam is!!)


  1. It is ALL about the Boots points!!!! Please do a review on Pro Luminere soon, it's on my list about 10 foundations to try and would like to know what you think :) xxx

  2. Defo!!!! yeah i will do it might be tomorrow actually definitely this week i think hun!!! :) xxx

  3. Argan oil is amazing! it's what moroccan oil is - gorgeous hair in a bottle, soft shiny and just really healthy looking! jealous of the chanel buy, and the sound of the bargain shelf at your boots!!

    as for meadowfoam - absolutely no idea!



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