Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dear ASOS..Will you be my valentine?

OK I'm sure im not the only girl who is having a personal love affair with ASOS, I'm most certainly not the only beauty fact 'ASOS payday haul' could be our mantra!!

The ASOS Beauty shop was introduced in 2005 and is a constant 'go to' of mine for the latest must have products...from low priced (quality) cosmetics like Barry M and Rimmel to the high end (dream) products such as Illamasqua and Rodial.

A recent discovery of mine is the RMK range,a cosmetics line that originated in Tokyo in 1997.

RMK products fall in a similar price bracket to brands like Benefit and NARS,(mid/high).

So in case you are not familiar with the line I am going to share with you a couple of my favourites from RMK's spring/summer 2011 range.

Ingenious powder cheeks and ingenious Gel eyeliner

The first is the 'Ingenious powder cheeks' blusher, which comes in a range of 4 colours

  • Light pink
  • Strawberry pink
  • Holographic pure coral
  • ROSE
I chose the rose shade as my kit was lacking in really bright cheek colours,I thought this would be my best option and it looked like such a perfect colour for valentines make-up.

loving the high pigmentation!
Straight onto cheek from finger with no blending
Blended using a large blusher brush
All in all I love this blusher,aside from the mini brush that comes with it, which isn't a fault of the brand,more a case of my own personal opinion on teeny, tiny brushes being pointless unless you are doing your make-up on the go.

The second of the RMK ingenious products i want to share with you is the 'Ingenious gel eyeliner'
Available in 3 colours:
  • Deep Blue
  • Deep Brown
  • Black
The colour that i have is Deep Blue,its a really fabulous colour that is so deep its almost black, I already have a black gel liner hence my colour choice here,now that i have used it though i do wish i'd opted for black to replace my old 'sleek' one which frankly pales in comparisin to this baby!!
Ingenious Gel Eyeliner with double ended retractable brush/smudger
This eyeliner is super smooth,glides on like a dream,waterproof and claims to be smudge free,well after washing and scrubbing the swatches that I did on my hand, I can 1million percent back this claim up! This bad boy is going no-where without a good going over from an eye make-up remover!!
Believe it or not these swatches have been scrubbed to death in hot soap and water!!

Another great thing about this product is the brush that comes with it,it's the only Gel liner that i have ever used that has this added extra.
The brush is retractable and double-ended with a smudger aswell as a brush.
Ok £19.50 for a 3.5g pot may seem a bit on the expensive side but when you compare it to MAC's fluidline which is £13.50 for a 3g pot and an extra £14.00 for the brush, I'm sure we can unite in justifying it as a bargain! (You know how we do girls ;) )
Well that was my 'ASOS payday haul' (seriously can we get a trademark on that!) 
Has anyone tried these products or anything in the RMK range? Please let me know below x


  1. I am effing loving that blush =O!! I always have problem with eyeliner smudging everywhere...but where it needs to be. Will have to try it!

  2. The blush is so gorgeous!!!!!
    yeah eyeliner is always the biggest pain i find always have cotton buds handy! xxx


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