Friday, 11 February 2011

Making me happy this month...

<3 Products from VIE
reviews coming soon <3

IPhone4 'I am awesome' app (free)....hehehe how cool!!!

Valentines day!!
Valentine's night outfit already picked
I bought this a couple of weeks ago from asos

Shopping!!!(but this always makes me happy!)
Fave products purchased this month clockwise from top...

<3.Mink/black purse (a bit Chanel inspired ) £3 Primark
<3.VIE Glowing Beauty double ended highlighter £12.75
<3.Fabric flower hairband £1.50 Primark
<3.Thierry Mugler Angel a firm favourite of mine for years
<3.VIE Guardian Angel.An absolute super cream that deals with everything from spots to dry lips/skin
<3.Peppermint oil capsules,brilliant for beating stomach bloat!!! read review here
<3.VIE Round the clock eye care a cream for night time and a soothing gel for the wide awake morning look.
And underneath that lot is my new bag £6 Primark I'm so happy with it!

I really enjoy it when i have an hour to spare and can sit and sift through Beauty blogs,I always find the best advice and love meeting like minded girls.

My fave blogs at the moment
What's making you happy this month??


  1. Hi Natalie, thanks for the lovely comments about my blog, I will leave my blog name to you in my will lol. I am really looking forward to your review on VIE products, I have never tried anything from this range but I have a feeling your review will convince me to order a few products. And the thing that has made me happy this month is that you referred to me as 'a really great GIRL', you have made my day.

    Love Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Hey hun,your welcome! Ahh no id rather you stay alive and just give it to me haha ;)
    Yeah ive just got back into them as a friend of mine is a consultant,she has persuaded me to join up so i will be selling products through here soon.
    I really love the stuff it's all pure quality! Im trying to figure a way to get through my reviews, i bought so much ;/
    haha you nutter you are a Girl i hate being called a women (even tho im 26) Girls rock!!! xxx

  3. Hi sweety!!
    Just read this blog post; I would definitely check that cool app for Iphone!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  4. hey hunni! its well cool,im a bit obsessed with it! Cant believe it's a freebie :D Thanks for the follow lovley xxx


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