Monday, 14 February 2011

The perfect thing for the Vintage Jar? *competition*

Happy valentines afternoon pretty peeps,

I love when other beauty bloggers do storage,bedroom design posts so i thought I'd share mine and at the same time get a l'il help with a certain problem I have....the filling up of the Vintage sweet jar.

At the moment I am redesigning my bedroom just to accomodate my ever expanding make-up kit.An extreme measure,maybe but it's been driving me that crazy!

I'm no interior designer,i usually let my boyfriend take over that department! But so far it's looking pretty good,I've been able to find some amazing bargains without much imput from the mister!
Trunk £99 from a discount furniture store
(currently full of make-up and hair products)

Bedding £20 Wilko's 
(We are changing the Bed next week
for the one that matches the trunk and drawers :))
I love these,they were £129 from the discount store!

Check out the depth of the top drawers! <3I'm using this for everyday 'go to' products.
ooh the possibilities for the bottom drawer,eeek!!!

Ok so,i mentioned a competition then went off on a tangent (not an uncommon occurence!) Well among my bedroom bargains i picked up this cute,vintage sweet jar from Next (£6) and cannot decide what to fill it with,the fat pig in me wants to put sweets in it,but being a closet fatty I know i would eat them all and the Jar would be empty 99.9% of the time!
Fill meeeee ;)!!!

So I have decided to throw it over to my lovely readers who im sure will come up with the perfect idea for the perfect Jar!

There are no rules to this except to win you must be a follower of my blog.
Simply enter your suggestion along with your name,email address and blog name (if you have a blog) underneath this post.
The winner is the person who comes up with the best filling for the jar and will win this.....
'Love Tink' set includes:Black patent make-up bag,shimmer body lotion and perfume
 (really clean fresh scent)

Trust dust 'lily'
No7 Radiant glow Beauty lotion.

Closing date for entries is 18/02/2011,I will post a picture of the full jar,with a link to the winner's blog (again where applicable) and notify the winner by email.

Cant wait to hear some suggestions,please dont let me get fat(ter) and fill it with sweets ;)
Lots of Love 
Nat xxx


  1. Fill it with little love notes from the two of you written on colored post its or pictures of Lucy your choice lol


  2. Aww thats cute Jim!! You may be onto a winner with the Lucy pics hmmm....*runs to grab collection of Lucy pics* hehehe xxx

  3. Glitter and Love said...
    Depending on what you have.. I would either say, lots of pretty coloured nail varnishes or fill the bottom with coloured sand and stick your make up brushes in it!
    14 February 2011 12:09

  4. I would suggest little souvenirs (small items) or even rocks or "sand" from where you've been.. little things to remind you of the fun times the good times shared together....have fun...



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