Monday, 21 February 2011

Too much Make-Up,then this arrives!!!!!!

Exciting right?!

Well, I would usually be excited but if you have read my last couple of posts you will know that I am pretty much chasing my tail trying to keep up with wishlists and new purchases...I'm not complaining really, my head is just spinning a bit!!!


This is a tricky post for me to write,so I'm going to write as I always do and type my thought's exactly as they come to me!
The reason it's a tricky one is because it makes me look like a salesperson,which i am not!
 My official job and passion is being a make-up artist and now a blogger.My opinions are ALWAYS 100% my own and from the heart,I want every one of my readers to enjoy make-up and products as much as i do and am only here to share the things I truly love! 

Recently a friend of mine became a VIE at home consultant and is doing very well,she asked me a few times to join and I squirmed at the thought of throwing parties and selling products,Im a fairly confident person but the thought of selling doesnt appeal to me.
 I can see through someone who is giving me schpiel to sell me crap...dont. like. it. never. will. (Luckily for LUSH i can't imagine life without their bathbombs or Im sure it would be avoided like the plague!!!)

The other week though my friend threw a party at my house,only a few friends and my mum came so it was relaxed and quiet enough to listen and try all the products out...(I was impressed as you can see from my haul)

So I have signed up...never thought I'd see the day! But it's something that I can do,that may or may not make me a bit of spending money that's related to my career which means I can be at home for my son and continue to write my blog as much as I can.

I will add a few of the products in future FOTD and giveaways simply because they are a class product,and I use them myself  but please don't expect to visit my page and see review after review of vie products that wont be happening!! There are as with most products things I like and things I don't and when I find these specific product's good,bad or ugly I'll be writing about them!

There are a couple of products in the box that have got me uber excited though "/

'Everything goes' waterproof eye and lip make-up remover
Correct and perfect concealer
(hopefully this will save me the splurge on Laura Mercier)
 If there is any product anyone wants or a personal opinion on any product from the range just email me and I will reply asap.

Does anyone use VIE or have any past experiences with the brand

Please tell me about it,Comments make my day! 

Love Nat xxx


  1. I have a brilliant vv lip palette its brilliant. I actually rate the products quite highly. Good luck with your new venture xx

  2. Thanks alot hun!! :) I do love the products I Have never used a lip product but i'm sure there's a couple in 'the box' hehe xxx

  3. I never heard about that product,but i will check it out in the Mall..goodluck sweety..

  4. hey hunni,thanks alot :)
    It has been around years Richard Branson used to own it and it was called Virgin Vie..its now been taken over and is called VIE at home if you want a quick nosey :) xxx

  5. What a cool blog - just discovered it. Love the design and your posts are lovely too :)


  6. ahh thankyou so much :)) ive just been over at yours and followed im gonna have a good read tomorrow while im off work :)


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