Friday, 15 April 2011

Cant live without:Foundation

If I had to pick just one item of make-up that I absolutely couldn't survive without (dramatic? Moi??) I would choose my foundation without question, Ok maybe I would look rather strange without the rest of my make-up there doing its thang for my eyes, lips, and cheeks, but foundation is the item that I would miss if I was forced into a cosmetic ultimatum! It's the item I get the most pleasure from,it's like a security blanket I suppose.
My l'il collection!

I am,  like alot of girls on a constant quest for the perfect skin, so when a new foundation pops onto the scene gaining rave reviews, Im there at that counter as soon as funds will allow, hoping that this will be the one to do it all, even skin tone, lift, illuminate,turn me into Kim Kardashian, bring about world peace (you never know!!)

My top 3 foundations

I cant really put these in order as being the fickle madam that I am I find myself using them on a rotational basis depending on my mood,time allowance and all that shiz!

1. MAC-Face and body.

Out of the 3 this is the one that I have used the longest. I love its light formulation that allows your natural skin to breathe, alongside the way it can be built to attain a good medium coverage if desired.And the huge 120ml bottle lasts for an age!! 

2. NARS-Sheer glow

A HG for many for good reason,sheer glow gives fantastic buildable coverage which is long lasting, and a flawless finish to boot. My Other thoughts on sheer glow here.

3. Chanel-Teint innocence compact foundation

I love this for when im in a rush, it applies beautifully with the supplied sponge to a light medium coverage, and is easy to carry around for touch ups throughout the day.It also feels really moisturising for a cream to powder formula and doesn't cake. I think I might have relied on this too much for touch ups though as I actually hit pan in about 3 weeks!!! My Review here.

Of course I have had some disasters in the past...

My least favourite foundation.

Estee Lauder Double wear

This is a HG foundation for alot of girls, and for good reason, It gives an incredible flawless long lasting finish.
But I wasn't so lucky, for me I found it way to heavy (I like a medium-full coverage) It felt like I was wearing a concrete mask when I wore it. The worst part of this foundation was that wherever I applied concealer, and blusher it created patches on my face as if these products had pulled the foundation off, I ended up walking around town once  looking in all seriousness like I had a skin disorder, I had to hot foot it to the Chanel counter to have a fresh base applied ha! I would however love to try out Double wear light as like I said the double wear finish is beautiful on the girls who get on with it.

Anyway I could ramble about foundation all day long, so ill leave it at that for now,however I have a few other's on my wish list that I will be picking up in the not too distant future, so I will be sure to let you lovelies know my thoughts. 

Which make-up item couldn't you live without?


  1. I think foundation's pretty important so I might have to agree with you! :) Still haven't tried F&B, I really want to though and same with NARS Sheer Glow! Great mini reviews as usual :) You should do more of these!

  2. hey chick! F&B is fab I have ran out and cant wait to get a new bottle!! Thanks hunni, I have a couple of reviews coming up... a new fake tan tomorrow I think ;) xxx

  3. yesp, we all need this but as long at we don't paint ourselves we are fine.

  4. If you don't mind me asking, what shade of Face & Body do you use? I really want to try it but can only get it off the website! I've asked at two counters and been told completely different shades to get so now I'm confused.

    I tried Double Wear and hated it - far too thick and heavy. I've also tried double wear light but somehow that wasn't right either! I much prefer light to the original but it's not my favourite.. I still haven't found a foundation that I really love! xo

  5. my absolute favorite make-up is actually reletively cheap. it's the wet and wild liquid eyeliner! it's so wonderful! :)
    what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you could stop by my blog, i would love to see your opinions. :)
    follow me?

  6. @Nava ooh yeah, no tide marks thanks :) xxx

    @Katie Marie I dont mind at all hunni, i wear N2 but I also have a bottle of c6 to use as a mixer to get the right shade when I have some colour :)
    I think Double wear is one people either love or hate, Im intrigued by the light version though although I have others I want to get first :) xxx

    @Rach aww we dont get wet n wild in the UK i've heard really good things about it though! Thanks so much for your lovely comment *blushes* I followed your blog ;) xxx

  7. That Nars foundation looks pretty good--I want to try it! I use a Chanel one for now, which is pretty good, although I try to avoid wearing it too much during the summer months! xoxox

  8. @susie I love Sheer glow it really lived up to the hype for me :) Yeah i change during summer i usually wear face and body for a bit lighter coverage xxx


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