Thursday, 14 April 2011

China glaze Bad Kitty...NOTD

There are two reasons why I wanted this nail polish the first being its name,I am a big sucker for cute product names! The second reason is that I missed out on the Katy Perry OPI polish 'Teenage dream ' and this reminded me of it. Having seen 'Teenage Dream' featured on other beauty blogs 'Bad Kitty' seems to be a little bit more pink with finer glitter running through it, see for yourselves...
Please excuse my hands,they are really dry at the minute and my nails suck so im wearing falsies.

This is only my second china glaze polish and Im really hooked on them,think Ill be getting some more shortly! :) what do you recommend?


  1. Their crackle glazes are great. Particularly like Crushed Candy and Fault Line.

  2. dya know what, I haven't tried any crackle polishes yet, Ive had a Barry M one in hand and put it back! I will keep an eye out for the china glaze ones now :) xxx

  3. SO pretty. I adore this shade, I must have it!


  4. Hey girls, It is so pretty..definitely one of my favourites now. Go get it :) xxx

  5. this looks much better than teenage dream! i love this. hmm for china glaze it really depends on what kind of finish and colors you like (bc CG has such a variety). i recently got secret periwinkle and the lasting power and color were phenomenal. i also love the color 'almost famous' which is a basic barbie pink cream.

  6. Im really pleased with it, i no longer feel miffed at not getting teenage dream...I love this more every time i look at my nails! I googled secret periwinkle its a beaut! and I really need a barbie pink so will be looking out for Almost famous.Thanks alot :) xxx


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