Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Currently loving...


I don't know what has bought this on actually as the nights are lighter I would expect to be more wide awake than normal come night time, but lately I have been loving my bedtime routine!

In the hope that this might be interesting I thought I would write up a post on things I love to do before bed...

Relaxing in the bath...

To be honest I cant fully relax in the bath I get bored really quickly but I still love a good bath with fab products,candles,music and loadsa bubbles I just do it quickly!! I love a bath even more with Lush products but haven't been to Lush in forever! Its on my to do list! 

Fave bath products at the moment...

Naked-Coco de mer Body wash
Soap and Glory-calm one calm all bubble bath
The Pink Cow-Vanilla biscuit bath and shower gel (NOM!)
The Pink Cow-Coconut creme body scrub (No nasty parabans with these babieeeees!!)
S factor- Diamond Dreams shampoo infused with diamonds,cashmere and pearls (fancy!!)
Philosophy-Pure Grace conditioner (seriously the best conditioner I have ever used!)

Taking off my 'face'...

Garnier Soft essentials foaming cream wash
Soap and glory massage mitt
Oilatum natural repair face cream (pixiwoo were spot on with this,its fantastic for dry skin!!)
Nivea soft (In an attempt to get gorgeous soft hands,this is lovely!)
Clinique all about eyes.

I haven't always been the best at doing this,to be honest I never used to take my make-up off at night (ick!) I think the main reason for this is I have always been lucky with my skin so took it for granted until I was about 25 and noticed that my complexion was totally lacking any radiance,*panic stations* and a night time regime was introduced (well 99% of the time!)
I am currently using odds and ends of skincare, and that has just alerted me to the fact that I am on the lookout for a whole new line to use *YAY!* Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

Cozying up in PJ's...

My current mix and match Primark Beauties!!

I am a bit mental when it comes to buying Pyjama's, I find it almost impossible to come home from a Primarni spree without a new pair,thanks to this habit I think I must own around 70 pairs!! My Mum and a couple of my friends are the same. Anyone else have PJ mania??

A good book...

At the moment I am re-reading Sophie Kinsella 'Remember me' and loving it,her writing is so witty that it makes me laugh out loud! I love the shopaholic books, I re-read them so much that the pages  are now falling out, so Im really enjoying reading a Sophie Kinsella book that ironically I cant quite remember the storyline of.

Im hoping that this post doesnt make me seem like a proper granny! So if anyone else is a bedtime-a-holic lately let me know :)


  1. "I love the shopaholic books, I re-read them so much that the pages are now falling out"

    That made me laugh cos the exact same thing happened to mine! I love them because you can just pick them up and not really have to think about the storyline etc and just enjoy bits at a time.

    I'm also a PJ fiend - I buy new ones every time I go to primark and every birthday and christmas if I'm not sure what to ask for I always ask for PJ's off someone and get at least 3 sets! xo

  2. Just saw the Garnier face wash you use, that is the only thing missing from my skincare routine lol I love Garnier skincare :o)
    I totally relate about the pjamas thing, I love them :o) In fact as I am home studying before my exams and going nowhere during the week I keep putting them on in the afternoon now :o) Ultimate luxury! :o) Night lovely x

  3. @Katie marie hahaha!! brilliant! They are theee best books ever written <3 them!
    Primark pj's are so nice,its great having a brand new pair to put on after a bath :) xxx

    @Hannah ooh its really nice, a little goes a long way and it feels lovely on the S&G mitt :)
    I wanna wear my PJ's in the afternoon!!! might just do that when my little man breaks up for easter next week :) Night hunni xxx

  4. Aww this post has made me feel all cosy and sleepy...great routine! I haven't had a nice Lush bath in a while...it's time!

  5. aww thanks chick! Same here, im totally obsessing over a Lush bath, Its been ages! xxx


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