Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The list...Part 1

I have been trying to come up with a post to do on a regular basis on pixielashes, and thought what better than 'The list?' Which is basically based on my never ending wish list, a list that is usually full up with cosmetic items, jewellery and clothes that I find through other bloggers, friends and general internet dossing.

So without question I am in desperate need of a MAC trip, its been too long and my list just for here is beyond huge!
Here are a few bits off of it...
1.Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
2.Giggly Blush
3.Impassioned lipstick
4.Vegas Volt Lipstick

These are my definite purchases when I pop to Nottingham at the weekend, I think I want to get 'shroom' eyeshadow, Angel lipstick and a couple of brushes aswell but I like to browse and swatch in store when I go MAC hauling ya know how it is! eek excited!

What else would you recommend picking up?


 I love doing these sorts of posts and think it will be a great way to link to the blogs that inspire/enable new purchases.

 I hope you guys will join in and tell me what you have on your wish lists, also if there are any products on mine that you have and if they are worth buying or scrapping from the list!


  1. I've been lusting after Girl About Town for MONTHS now. So jealous of your MAC trip, wish I was going soon! :) I'm trying to save up so I can massively splurge on my birthday next month!

  2. Giggly is gorgeous..I did a swatch post on my blog the other day. I've worn it everyday since I got it!
    Enjoy the shopping at the weekend xx

  3. Ah Yu,Girl about town is gorgeous! Im so into brights at the minute im wearing chatterbox almost daily!needing something brighter tho thats why im pickin up candy yum yum :)this shop is so overdue im so excited :) but birthday splurges are theee best!! xxx

    So glad you like it Zoe,im not sure if i saw your post "/ im going to pop over to your blog now and have a nose! Thanks alot hunni xxx


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