Thursday, 7 April 2011

Make-up school..what's that all about?

I thought I would write a post aimed at anyone who is interested in becoming a Make-up artist or anyone who is interested on what goes on in a Make-up school.
I trained at The school of Make-up which is a privately run school in Stockport near Manchester UK,the prices here vary on which course/s you would like to take you can view the courses here and students come from all over the world to train, everyone is welcome . My experience was one that I will never forget,I had the time of my life and made some amazing friends that I will never lose touch with.

So what happens?
This is based on my experience in 2008, certain areas may have changed,but generally I think its still pretty similar.
(I will quickly mention that your kit is on your work station on your first day and its full of MAC!!! ;) 

The Full Course ran 16 week intensively,with The Make-up and Hair taking up the majority with lessons on working in the industry in between and prosthetics taking I think 4 weeks. We learned everything  from the very basic application of Make Up,to airbrushing,stage make-up, fashion styling and special effects. 

At the end of 7 weeks we were prepared and had a portfolio week (which everyone was a nervous wreck about!) where each day we would get a model or 2 each to do a certain look that we had created on ie.natural,creative and a themed shoot (our theme was Vivienne Westwood) which we also got to style and source props for.16 girls running around Manchester trying to find props and outfits was mad haha!!

My first attemps on portfolio week

The hair course covers basic hair styling,creative hair,cutting,layering putting in a fringe etc also period hair and wigs,the cutting and basic styling is something that a make-up artist is required to be able to do,this was probably the part that stressed me out the most as I am not the best at doing my own hair! I found a great respect for hairdresser's after doing this part of the course! 

The last part of the course was prosthetics,where we made things like severed fingers and vampire masks.Although I don't think the school don't offer this at the moment I will mention it as we had the best tutor ever! Davy Jones is an Emmy award winning prosthetic designer he worked on pirates of the Carribean and Blade and had some amazing stories to tell! He is such a skilled man and so down to earth that I would recommend anyone who is interested in prosthetics to go train with Davy for definate! If anyone would like more info leave a comment or email and I will get his new course details for you .

SFX make-up and my prosthetic finger which has a better manicure than my real finger!

Anyway I hope that has been somewhat informative and not just a boring ramble! I just thought it would be nice to give a little bit of an insight into what goes on at a make-up training school,as I would have really loved to have read a personal experience before I went as I was a nervous wreck! I had the best time ever here,it was like being at girly school where applying your gloss in class would certainly not get you a detention! 

My class on 80's day 2008.Check out my wonky eyes!!

If you have any questions or ive missed something  please email me or leave a comment.

Have you ever thought about doing a Make-up course ?


  1. I would truly love to do a make up course... This one sounds great! I used to live right near Stockport when I lived in Manchester too :o) we always used to go shopping there :o) xxxx

  2. My best friend recently graduated from SOM and I can inform you that it doesn't seem to have changed since you were there! She loved every minute of it and they've been massively helpful with her finding jobs and experience after leaving. xo

  3. Heyah,
    Do you work as a makeup artist as a job?
    and also is there work for it?
    Would be really helpful because thinking about it for the future. :)

  4. @Hannah ooh I wish u would have been there when i was! I used to go shopping in Stockport nearly every lunch time haha you could have been my partner in crime! mwahhahahaaaa!!!

    @Katie Marie ahh that's really good to know that its not changed much,I should pop in and catch up really! im glad your friend had a great time :)

    @Lucy I do hun there's a tab at the top with some of the jobs ive done. I had a break last year as my home life was to hectic to allow me to travel but im back on it now! There is work Its easier if you live in a big city with regard to industry jobs but if you are willing to travel then its fine.Also there is always wedding work and that sort of thing to keep income a little more regular :) There are other schools in the UK aswell that are supposed to be great xxx

  5. I sent them an enquiry the other week. I'm currently trying to save madly to do the 24 part time course, I'm in the middle of a degree and most of my family think I'm mad for trying to do both but I don't want to waste the 2 years I've done at uni already but I really wished I'd stuck to my guns and done this straight away.

  6. @penpot ahh yeah that's a tough situation to be in! Im sure you will manage it especially if you are doing a part time course at SOM, you will have time to study aswell as you dont really get homework on the course so your home time is your own. Hope it all goes well chick! You will have to let me know :) xxx

  7. Great Post Natalie.. Lots of good info for people who might be interested in a career.

  8. Hey Jim! Thanks alot! yeah I wanted to try and help any girls thinking of going into training as I couldn't find any personal experiences on the internet before I went and would have really appreciated some insider info :) xxx


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