Monday, 4 April 2011

My accidental project 10 pan

I really admire all of the bloggers taking part in a project 10 pan challenge,if you aren't familiar with the concept its basically where you must use up 10 (or whatever number you choose) products before allowing yourself to purchase new make-up items.For a much clearer explanation check out Vivianna and Yu's blogs.

Now I haven't quite plucked up the courage to take the plunge and do a pan challenge myself (Yes, courage is the correct word!) but after posting my 'Much loved in March' post last week I noticed that in one of my MAC palette's I had not only hit pan on a couple of colour's but completely wiped them out, and it got me thinking what other products have I managed to do the same with??

MAC lipsticks 'Blankety' and 'Lovelorn'

Blankety was my first ever MAC purchase and I think this is my 4th tube LOVE it!!

MAC eyeshadows 'Retrospeck' and 'Nylon'

I think I got my money's worth out of Retrospeck! Im suprised I haven't worn a hole into the pan!!

Stila lipglaze 'Banana' 

This was my ultimate Nude lipgloss I used to panic if it was running low as I had to travel over an hour to get a replacement.

YSL 'Faux Cils' mascara

Check out that brush! Dry much? How long have I hoarded this empty tube??

Lancome 'Hypnose' mascara

An amazing mascara! One that I haven't repurchased but I will do.
I definitely recommend it!

Two faced 'Lash injection' mascara 

I didn't rate this as much as I thought I would,just tube hoarding here! 

MAC Face and Body foundation

A must have foundation for me. I have repurchased this every year for the summer as its so light and dewy

Viktor and Rolf 'Flowerbomb' and Thierry Mugler 'Alien' perfumes 

My 2 favourites it was no hardship using these baby's up!!

Aside from the MAC products which will go back to MAC for my free lippie (Im thinking either Vegas Volt or impassioned) I have no idea why I have saved so many empty products, maybe to remind myself to repurchase or maybe im just a complete weirdo hoarder who will end up  surrounded by empty old tubes of mascara and perfume bottles in my old age *shudders* whatever the case may be I think I deserve a shopping spree after finishing all of these products...It's been so hard! ;)

Have you done a Project Pan, for real or accidental?


  1. I've been working hard to finish products up lately and it's so hard!!!

  2. LOL that is so funny that you've kept all the empties, but WOW you've finished loads of things before! :) I think that's great, it shows you buy things that you actually use :)

    Thanks for linking me too love! :)

  3. @sweetlikejelly ahh i know,these ones were easily used up though,I go through perfume and mascara like a woman posessed hehe! the eyeshadows took about 6 months though!

    @Yu I actually had no idea that I had this strange habit,I think I must just chuck them back in their drawers kinda like a person who puts an empty milk carton back in the fridge hehe!! Aww your welcome hunni :)

  4. Wow! An accidental P10P amazing - well done! xx

  5. I am currently doing project 10 pan I am 7 down and I think it's been a really good experience I really would recommend it - it really makes you think differently xx

  6. Well done!!! :o) I don't have the guts to try something like that :'( xx

  7. I also save my "empty tubes, tins, and compacts" why? Like you I don't know I think its so I remember I need more... But I always seem to have a back up plan ... Weird huh?

    Great post !

  8. @Vivianna a kind of 10 pan ish thing hahaha I was constantly buying in the mean time maybe the post should have been called 'Im a tube hoarding freak' :)
    @Louise ahh thats amazing I take my hat off to you! I will give it a go but Im too much of a shop whore to do it atm,im scared I'll miss out on something :)
    haha see above this was no hardship really I just saved some old tubes,im as bad as you chick hehehe :)
    @Debbie THANK GOD! you can be in my tube hoarding weirdo club! so far there's just me and u babe but maybe some others will sign up ;) xxx

  9. well done! lol
    i really need to have some self control and do a project 10 pan lol there's just so many things i want to buy :\ xx

  10. Thanks haha! Same I have a list the size of my arm and zero self control "/ xxx

  11. Good for you for doing what you did. I seriously need to do this as well. I've heard about it and am very interested if not chicken to do this - I love buying makeup so much! Also, I am in love with Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, it is my signature scent!


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