Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Primark Pretty

How cute is this headband I picked up in Primark this week?

Had I been Team Slitherin, I could have bought this headband to coincide with the release of the new Harry Potter film on DVD this week! Of course Im a good girl and Team Gryffindor all the way!! 
Hmmm...I think this headband may reduce the flow of blood to one's head!!!
Seriously though I am really loving this, it's so different to anything I already own,and for only £2 the same price as Glamour magazine Bargain or what?? xxx


  1. I need this so much! Thanks for the heads up...I'll keep an eye out! x

  2. Yeah you doooo! Ive not seen them in there before, so I reckon they are new :) xxx

  3. Not seen that before! It's pretty mystical, might have to keep an eye out! love a bargain? Then welcome to the right place...

  4. Its really lovely I doubt they have any now shame its just my style.Im overdue a visit to Primark

  5. Ooh I saw it in the sale section last week for £1 they had quite a few so u might still get one :) xxx


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