Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleek True colour Lipsticks: Heartbreaker and Coral reef

If you are heading to Superdrug this weekend, I totally recommend heading to the Sleek stand and checking out their new range of true colour lipsticks. I popped in earlier this week, I think on the day they were released, after reading about them on dainty dollymix and deciding I needed 'Coral reef' oh so badly!!! Much to my delight I found that they were on offer at 2 for £6 and had about 30 seconds to decide which other shade out of the 20 *OMG 20!!* I wanted as it was half 5 and the staff were hovering around me like buzzards, foot tapping and watch checking (fair enough but grrrrrrrrr!!!) Anyway I picked up heartbreaker as you can tell by the post title "/ 

L-R 'Heartbreaker' and 'Coral reef'

The True colour lippies come in 2 formulations, sheen and matte, Heartbreaker is a matte hot pink and Coral reef a sheen and the most perfect bright coral. Both highly pigmented and long lasting, I wore Heartbreaker to work and after 5 hours and no reapplication my lips were still bright but it had worn to more of a stain. As its a matte, if you suffer with dry lips as I do, a layer of carmex or lip balm of that type helps it not to accentuate dryness. 

The sheen formula of Coral reef is alot more comfortable to wear, while still being highly pigmented and long lasting, I love this colour and it feels really moisturising aswell which I like! I think I will be purchasing a few more of these finishes from Sleek, there are a couple of gorgeous pinks and nudes that I have my beady eye on!! 

The whole range is available in Superdrug and on the Sleek website

Have you picked up any True colour lipsticks?


  1. I love coral reef! lovely shade :)

  2. Its a real beaut hun! Im wearing it again today...Its defo Lipstick of the week :) xxx

  3. Nice choices! I got pink freeze and liquor, I am so getting another 2 tomorrow too! X

  4. haha think i will aswell, im shopping tomorrow :) I really want baby doll! pink freeze and liquor look lovely! xxx

  5. Coral Reef looks gorgeous!

  6. i always have a look at sleek in superdrug but i don't think ive ever bought anything. i really like the look of these lippies though, the colours seem really vibrant

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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