Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday blues NOTD

Firstly I'd like to say Happy mother's day to my amazing Mum :D Love you! xxx

This weekend has been a flu filled nightmare for me all in all but I woke up feeling a little better this morning and decided that although I couldn't really face putting on a full face of make-up,(just a sweep of teint innocence compact foundation and a coat of collection 2000 'Big fake' mascara for the purpose of feeling human) I needed something a little brighter on my nails.... 
Hellloooo Barry M Blueberry!

2 Coats and a seche vite top coat

This polish is actually opaque in 1 coat but I decided to layer on another for intensity.It's a gorgeous vibrant 'sky blue' colour which applies (as all Barry M polishes do) wonderfully and dried nice and quickly with the help of the seche vite.

Its hard to believe that something so small can cheer us girlies up eh? 

What products cheer you up on poorly days?


  1. I've got this! It is deffo a light, uplifting colour. On days where I feel a bit blah, I usually paint my nails a super bright colour. xo

  2. Im really loving it :) its the first time i've worn it actually,but definitely perfect for blah days xxx

  3. How funny, I did a post on this today too!! It's gorgeous isn't it?!!! xx

  4. haha snap! I read your post a little while ago and left a comment, it made me chuckle! ooh yeah im loving it hunni :) xxx


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