Sunday, 10 April 2011

This week's Haul!

I was expecting to be posting a MAC haul today,but after having a bit of a sesh on the old cocktails last night for my bestie's birthday,I was really not up to shopping today :( boo! So I thought I would share with you what I have picked up from the shops this past week...
I have been Nail polish obsessed lately! Can you tell? ")

First up, the OPI pretties!!

L-R 'Not like the movies' from the Katy Perry collection,
'Teasy does it'
 and 'Bring on the bling' from the Burlesque collection

There is a really cute shop near my house that sells loads of OPI and the girl twisted my arm into getting bring on the bling *cough*

Next the China Glaze Beauts!
L-R 'Meteor shower' and 'Bad Kitty'

I have been wearing Bad Kitty on my toes this week (I'll spare you a picture) and I absolutely love it, its a really pale pink with multicoloured glitter,its so girly and perfect for Spring!

Drugstore diamonds...

L-R Barry M basecoat,topcoat and hardener
Barry M 'Pink flamingo'
Gosh 'Groovy grey' special edition 

Im wearing Groovy Grey now and love it! I had to pick up Pink flamingo after seeing it on a couple of blogs its such a fab bright pink,I cant wait to try it out. Expect about a million NOTD posts soon ;) 

The other little bits I picked up

Lee Stafford sea salt spray

I was so excited when I found this in Boots the other day as my hair always looks its best when I'm on holiday, so the idea of this spray thrilled me massively!! I tried it out yesterday and it does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak.It also lasted all day without hairspray!

Beauty UK Metallic sparks eye crayon (green)

I already have the purple one of these pencils and absolutely love them.They are super soft and highly pigmented and are a really easy way to get a smoky eye that looks like you have spent ages on. Brilliant price aswell I think they are about £2!

MUA green mascara 

I was reading about how coloured mascaras are making a comeback and how wearing them on the top of your lashes gives a fab subtle flash of colour,I thought Id go for the cheap option first and get an MUA and see how I go.I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know :)

Have you been shopping this week or used any of these products?


  1. Ooh the opi colours are beauts!!! :o) love that gold!! :o) xxxx

  2. Its lovely Han, I wore it the other day,the glitter is so colourful and it sparkles like crazy! I <3 OPI :) xxx

  3. OPI teasy does it is my favourite nail polish of all time, enjoy it! X

  4. Thanks hun! I tried it out quickly when i bought it How gorgeous??? Cant wait to wear it :) xxx

  5. lovely blog dear :)
    xoxo Sienna

    p.s. stop by if you have the time:)

  6. Aww thankyou very much :) I will stop by your blog now :) xxx

  7. The green mascara looks very pretty, I would love to hear how you liked it.

  8. Such gorgeous nail polish colours

  9. @sarah Ive still not tried it,but im excited to I will let you know hunni :) xxx

    @Carly they are really lovely :) xxx

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  11. I love that Green MUA Mascara! I got it yesterday and the coverage on the lashes is second to none. It is quite dry but i think this is okay considering the amazing colour density payoff


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