Monday, 2 May 2011

April Favourites x

I thought April had 31 the song not 30 days have September, August, June and November?? Obviously not! hmmpfff!
Anyway enough of my terrible knowledge of the days of the month and on to the good stuff, the products that have made me feel good in April!

The 4 E/S that I have used the most throughout April have all been by MAC, they are...Naked lunch, Woodwinked, Shale and Painterly (paint pot) as a base. Woodwinked is a staple favourite, I have loved wearing it over painterly for a summery bronzed look. I have also worn Naked lunch alot, either on its own with a couple of coats of mascara when I don't have much time, with a flick of black liner or as a base with Shale as a simple daytime smokey.
TOP-Painterly PP
L-R Naked lunch, Shale, Woodwinked
L-R Painterly PP, Woodwinked, Shale, Naked lunch

Im surprised to say that out of the new lipsticks I purchased earlier in the month, the one I have reached for the most is Angel from MAC,I have used it almost daily. The reason Im surprised is that it is a frost finish (probably one of my least favourite lipstick finishes) but it doesn't seem to have that finish on me, it's actually a lovely creamy pink that really suits my skintone.

Nail polish
This is another one that surprised me, I don't know why as it is loved by so many, I suppose i've never really been a pink nail girl! It's Barry M Pink flamingo..Its such a bright (neon in certain lights) Pink which I cant stop looking at when I have it on! I even re-did my nails with it when it began showing tip wear, and ended up wearing it for 10 days straight which is something I don't normally do as I get bored quickly.

Without a doubt April's most used blush has been NARS Deep throat, I haven't even looked at another blush all month, see why here.

I gave up the straighteners a few months ago, favouring either a tonged curl or a loose messy wave, but for the past few weeks I have really been enjoying straightening my hair again with GHD's. I have been finding that I love the sleek look and the fact that my hair doesn't tangle as easy as when it's curled. My Boyfriend really loves the messy look, but its not him that has to drag a brush through a mass of bushy knots at the end of the day is it?
And the prize for owning the oldest,most knackered pair of GHD's in history goes to........
Boring Bits and Bobs 
Imperial leather foamburst shower and shave is a godsend, Im surprised that there don't seem to be very many products on the market that do the same multitasking job that this does.
Now that summer is approaching and the weather is warm enough to wear open toed shoes, pretty feet are a must, so I have spent alot of time on mine and used my Ped-egg to get rid of any unsightly rough skin.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites, What have you been loving in April?


  1. Love the look of the eye favourites! Also, I've never heard of a Ped-Egg before but it sounds really good, I just googled it and I think I need one in my life!xx

  2. Love your faves! Definitely need to get Shale - it was between that and Satin Taupe and I got Satin Taupe, but I think I need both :) And Deep Throat - I need that some time in the future as well :P

  3. great post - the song is April, June and November tho lol xx

  4. @Rachel Thanks chick! Yeah defo invest in a ped egg they are a really quick and easy way to get smooth feet :) xxx

    @Yu arrghh u so need shale in your life! :) And deep throat is a must have at some point! xxx

    @Louise haha wicked! Thanks I knew I had it wrong somewhere! Thanks hunni :) xxx

    @social Thankyou :) xxx

  5. Totally agree with you on the BarryM Pink Flamingo... I'm wearing it right now with a layer of Black Nail Effects over the top of it. Also loving their new spring Pastels.. Strawberry and Berry mostly but the Mint one is lovely as well.

    Where can one buy MAC round these parts? I can only really get to Chesterfield or Buxton :(

  6. Im totally obsessed with it, and I was not expecting to really like it at all! The nearest place is Meadowhall(Debenhams)but you can buy on their website aswell :)xxx

  7. love the barry m polish x


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