Friday, 8 November 2013

A Primark/TKMAXX "Instahaul" ....

Evening all!
Who's off to a fireworks display tonight? I'm not thank goodness, I wish I could hack it but it's way too cold and I am more than happy to be sat wrapped up in my new Primark cozies tonight....(in a position with the radiator that could be classed as intimate!) Ahem anyway I shopped yesterday, I instagrammed also...

Oatmeal Reindeer leggings- £5 Primark
Slipper boots- £6 Primark

 King size duvet cover & 2 pillows-£20 Primark
My pillow pet- £ priceless
Ghostly haze-Me not getting much sleep tonight!

Love heart double bobble hat- £3 Primark
Midi rings- £1.50 Primark
Brown slouch beret- £3 Primark

I love this!

Necklace (<3) - £4 Primark
Hair bobbles (pack of 2) - £1 Primark

High top pumps- £7 Primark

SISLEY purse- £12.99 RRP £28.00 TKMAXX
(so many compartments, I'm in love!!)

OCCO DALMACIJA No1 Gentle soft wax cleanser 50ml - £5.99 RRP £28.99 TKMAXX
(So excited to try this out!)

I don't know if an "instahaul" actually exists but I do hope you enjoyed mine!


  1. Need those slippers in my life, so cosy looking x

  2. So purchasing the white bobble hat! How cute! xxx

    1. It's soo cute! Get the brown one as well it looks so nice on! xxx


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