Monday, 4 November 2013

MAC Monday #8 Face and body foundation!

So it just occurred to me as I was halfway through blabbering about MAC F&B that I disappeared for ages and now I've come back with 2 posts in a week both on the same subject...good going Natalie *tongue in chin*! 
Oooh well I've started now and the little OCD in me will make me finish....alternative blog posts to follow though I promise! 

MAC face and body has always been in my top five foundations, however much that list has changed since my very first bottle it has always clung on in there, but why?

1. Value for money

 For a long time it was only sold in those marvellous giant 120 ml bottles, which for the £23.50 that it was made it incredible value for money. Since MAC introduced the more compact 50 ml bottles for £21.50 the price of the large bottle has increased to £27.00,  it does still work out to be worth the price hike when you compare it to the price of other high end foundations.

2. The way it photographs

Aaaah it's an SPF free foundation... which means it doesn't give the dreaded ghostly flashback face if you get friend papped on a night out! 

3. The coverage

A buildable foundation that gives a decent medium coverage without caking, one of life's greatest pleasures if you ask me! A major part of F&B's charm is its ability to do that on all skin types while leaving skin feeling able to breathe and looking natural.

4. It lasts throughout the day

Even though it is a flimsy water based formula it does have some decent staying power even on oily skin types (which can be further helped with a powder and/or setting spray). I have normal/dry skin and get 8-10 hours wear without powder. 

4. The huge shade range

OK this is a good thing its also bloody confusing!! Face and body comes in 16 shades the N shades and the C shades, without going into a boring rant on the ins and outs of the strange world of MAC's shade naming basically in face and body the N shades are for skin with cool undertones and the C shades for skin with warm undertones.

As I wrote this I realised that face and body was one of the first higher end foundations I bought and helped massively in weaning me off the intense mask of studio fix fluid or whatever high street version of it I had knocking around back in the day and insisted on wearing for all occasions...very bad times! Maybe that's why I have such a soft spot for it!! 

Does MAC face and body make your top 5?

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